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Residential Options

Burglar Alarm Systems


Silver Hawks intrusion detection systems are manufactured with the latest technology providing ease of use and long-term reliability. Know that we are dedicated to keeping your home safe.

Fire Alarm Systems


Silver Hawk Systems follows IBC, UFC, UBC, Life Safety Code, and National Fire Alarm Code and install code compliant systems. When selecting Alert Alarm, you can be sure that the highest standards in design, systems, and service are upheld.

Video Surveillance Systems


We offer a wide variety of video solutions to meet your needs. Our technology and expertise in video surveillance is unmatched in the state of Colorado.

Managed Access Control

Add extra security to parts or all of your home. We are able to manage the access to any area you choose by requiring an access card, code, or thumbprint to enter.

24 Hour Monitoring

Our monitoring center is located locally in 6 States and is operated by our trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Interactive Services

Silver Hawks Interactive Home Security features keep you close to home no matter where you are. Know when your kids get home, when there’s a water leak in your home, and more.

Smartphone and Web Capabilities

Access these features from free apps on your smart phone or through the web.

Energy Management

You can have remote control and intelligent automation of the lights, appliances, and thermostats allowing you to make smarter decisions more conveniently. Create automatic schedules for your thermostat and lights.

Lock Control

Set up user codes for anyone who has access to your property.

Video Monitoring

Use cameras indoors or outdoors to see live or recorded activity in and around your property. Receive real-time notifications via text or email that may include video clips.

Complete Residential Solutions

Every customer is different, each location has it's own unique needs, and that is why we don't just give you a basic set of components and set it up in the default configuration.

We assess your needs, concerns, ingress points, and any vulnerable areas of the house to design the most cost efficient system while still securing every portion of the house.

We offer solutions for any and all customers, regardless of what your housing type is. From apartments to condos to rental homes to multi-family homes, we can work with the landlord/HOA to provide any type of security solution to fit your needs.


Pre-Build Systems

This is the cheapest type, and comes with the most options for integration. Since we do not have to drill through drywall, work around existing wiring and ducts, and generally have much easier access for wiring and design that the prices for installation of a pre-built house is the lowest option, yet comes with the most expansive set of features.

Single Family Homes

Small residential homes are one of the most common types of customers. These usually have only two ingress points and a low amount of lower floor windows. Wiring is usually very easy and installation only takes a few hours in these types of location.

Multi-Story Homes

Multiple levels are no problem for us, and since more levels mean more ingress points we design systems to accommodate for this. Basement windows, upper windows, and main level door are all covered to prevent any unauthorized entry. Wiring is usually very easy and installation only takes a few hours in these types of location.


These are unique in that landlord usually do not allow tenants to drill into drywall to install 3rd party wiring. While we do have licensing to do this, most complexes will not allow it. So, we offer a complete line of wireless systems that can be removed without any trace, and only wiring for power required.

Temporary Systems

Sharing similarities to Commercial Temporary Systems, this option is for those that have a temporary housing situation or only need to lease a system for a few months at a time. This is common for those that are storing automobiles and valuables at storage locations, or for extended times at their home on infrequent occasions.

Mobile Systems

While this does technically include standard automobile security systems, this is meant for Mobile Homes, Recreational Vehicles, and other dwellings that move from place to place and have unique structures. These systems are also perfect for securing a remote location, such as a off-grid cabin. in conjunction with our satellite monitoring.

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We know that many people simply want an estimate, and most companies require you to just send an email with details, and they'll get back to you at their own time. Not us.

While you are free to send us an email for a more detailed quote, our online system allows you to do everything at the click of a button.

Select your housing/structure type, detail how many rooms need which type of sensor (with help along the way), and build your system format. You can then select specific components for each zone and your panel type, and get the resulting cost breakdown.


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