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Protect Property and Inventory

You've invested too much in your business to lose your hard-earned profits to shoplifters, burglars or vandals. Silver Hawks small business alarm systems offer a complete and interactive solution to protect your inventory. Our advanced features are perfect for a small business, without a big price!

  • Video security cameras
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Mobile and online apps
  • Customized alarm systems

With Silver Hawk you can access and control your alarm system no matter where you are. No matter what time of day. Just log into the Silver Hawk portal using your smartphone or computer. You will never be out of touch with your business security. Receive instant messages any time a sensor detects trouble on the property. Arm or disarm your alarm system remotely, view live video feeds and track employees or vendors as they come and go.



100% Cellular Monitoring

All alerts to the Monitoring Center from the Control Panel are cellular. Your security system keeps working, even if your phone service goes down. In nomral operation Broadband service operates in conjunction with cellular to give access to your alarms GUI remotely.



100% Wireless Equipment

All equipment for commercial solutions are wireless (unless the client specifies otherwise) to provide easy and efficient installation, maintanence, and replacement. All networked equipment is encrypted for security.



Exceptional Customer Service 

Our support staff is located in Colorado and have a 24 hour standard responce time to any service area. We also have a immediate emergency service for any criticalsituations that are time-urgent. Have a question or inquiry? We can be reached 24 hours a day.



Video Cameras

Now you can watch over your business with your own eyes. Night and day, Wherever you are. Get live streaming video online and on your smartphone, tablet, and PC. Many of our cameras also feature PTZ, or Pan Tilt Zoom. This allows a single camer to be used to monitor multiple areas and angles, and can be controled remotely.



Interactive Mobile Apps

Access and control your business alarm system no matter where you are. Just use our free online and smartphone apps, or you can use our browser-based login service which has all the same features for phones that are not compatable with the apps.



Customized Alarms

One size doesn't fit all! Let us help you customize the alarm system that's perfect for your business and your lifestyle.

Commercial Options

Burglar Alarm Systems


Silver Hawks intrusion detection systems are manufactured with the latest technology providing ease of use and long-term reliability. Know that we are dedicated to keeping your inventory and valuables safe.

Fire Alarm Systems


Silver Hawk Systems follows IBC, UFC, UBC, Life Safety Code, and National Fire Alarm Code and install code compliant systems. When selecting Alert Alarm, you can be sure that the highest standards in design, systems, and service are upheld.

Video Surveillance Systems


We offer a wide variety of video solutions to meet your needs. Our technology and expertise in video surveillance is unmatched in the state of Colorado.

Managed Access Control

Add extra security to parts or all of your home. We are able to manage the access to any area you choose by requiring an access card, code, or thumbprint to enter.

24 Hour Monitoring

Our monitoring center is located locally in 6 States and is operated by our trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Inventory Control

We offer inventory control systems and monitoring, so that you can keep track of warehouse activities while you are away.

Smartphone and Web Capabilities

Access these features from free apps on your smart phone or through the web.

Energy Management

You can have remote control and intelligent automation of the lights, appliances, and thermostats allowing you to make smarter decisions more conveniently. Create automatic schedules for your thermostat and lights.

Lock Control

Set up user codes for anyone who has access to your property, and have each employee asssigned a unique entry code for entry logging.

Video Monitoring

Use cameras indoors or outdoors to see live or recorded activity in and around your property. Receive real-time notifications via text or email that may include video clips.

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